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GTP Supports GEIG's Read to Grow Program at the Factory with the Students.

Educational outcomes are difficult to achieve especially when considering children from communities with disadvantaged educational investment. GEIG started the Corporate Reading Program under the Read to Grow program to expose children to the world of work whilst growing up. The exposure to the world of work was to have the children see what they could grow to become if they learned hard, as well as to interact with the employees of the organization to gain an understanding and appreciation of their work.


Recently, GTP (Ghana Textiles Printers) provided its support to this initiative by welcoming 12 of GEIGs beneficiaries and other students to their factory where a special program awaited them - "Fun Day with Parents." The day kicked off at 10:00 am, with an engaging opening session led by the event's M.C. The participants, a diverse group of children and their parents, introduced themselves, setting the stage for what promised to be an enriching and enjoyable day. The young Participants were divided into five different groups each embarking on an exclusive tour of the facility. During the tour, they gained valuable insights into the textile industry, exploring the intricate production processes and the wide array of fabrics manufactured by G.T.P. while also gaining an appreciation for the company's work.

Ghana Textiles Printers
Tour of the Textile Printing Facility


The event's second part unfolded in an entertaining manner, commencing with a presentation by the Safety Manager. She touched upon essential topics such as self-confidence and career guidance, aligning perfectly with the day's objective of empowering young minds. The excitement reached its peak during the entertainment session, featuring a dancing competition and a musical chair competition. Laughter and cheers filled the air as children showcased their talents.

Musical Chairs
Entertainment Session - Musical Chairs Competition

Following the lively entertainment, it was time for the much-anticipated reading session. The reading session facilitated by the staff of the Girls Education Initiative featured the book "Threads of Me; Kente for Show and Tell." This session was made possible by a generous donation by Ms. Erica Asante during her book launch with the organization.

Reading Session - Threads of Me ; Kente for Show and Tell


A total of 65 students joyfully participated in this event, with 12 of them representing GEIG. The success of the day was a result of the combined efforts of the staff members GEIG, who actively aided in the facilitation of the event alongside the G.T.P team. As the day drew to a close, each participant was gifted with souvenirs and lunch packs, a gesture that left smiles on every child's face, marking the end of an eventful and memorable "Fun Day with Parents" at Ghana Textiles Printers. This remarkable day displayed the power of collaboration, education and fun, leaving a lasting impact on the young minds present and reaffirming the importance of such initiatives in our communities.


"Moments Captured: A Visual Journey Through Our Day of Learning and Fun"


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