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Celebrating A Decade Of Impact: GEIG's 10th Anniversary.

As we step into the upcoming year, Girls Education Initiative Ghana (GEIG) is set to commemorate a remarkable milestone – our 10th anniversary. From our humble beginnings as a small team with a vision for positive change in Ghana, we have evolved into a force for transformation over the past decade. Today, we take a look back at our journey, celebrating not only our growth and triumphs but also the invaluable lessons learned along the way.

With sincere gratitude, we extend our invitation to you to mark your calendars for the Girls Education Initiative Ghana's tenth-anniversary celebration in march 2024. For nearly ten years, you have been instrumental in making a difference by transforming lives and communities in Ghana. Through your unwavering support, 65 young women have received financial scholarships, empowering them to persist and thrive in their educational journey, from elementary school to higher education. Our community impact activities and programs have touched the lives of tens of thousands of participants.

"Every remarkable journey starts with a single step. Our current position is a testament to your support of our mission and vision"..

Our theme for the 10th anniversary is "Sankofa," an Akan term emphasizing the importance of looking back to move forward. This celebration is not just a recognition of the past but also an expression of gratitude to partners like you who have stood by us through thick and thin. As we #countdownto10, we aim to channel our focus towards activities fostering economic growth, paving the way for the next decade of impactful initiatives.

Save the date for March 2024, and let's embark on this celebratory journey together. We are immensely thankful to individuals and partners, like you, who continue to contribute to the mission of impacting lives and transforming communities. As we approach the holiday season, I extend my warmest wishes to each one of you. Your support has been a beacon of hope, and we are excited to continue this journey with you into the next decade.

Best regards,

Elizabeth Patterson

Founder, Girls Education Initiative Ghana (GEIG).



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