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Our change leaders represent us.

Our change leaders are individuals who engage on-site and wherever they find themselves in actions that carries out the vision and mission of GEIG.

GEIG Fellowship

The GEIG Fellowship is a professional development and advancement program for community members. GEIG Fellows commit 6 months to 1 year of service with the organization. During the fellowship period, GEIG fellows develop a community project and receive professional mentoring in the areas of fundraising, communications, and programs.

Meet the first Cohort of GEIG Fellows! Stay tuned to our social media pages for recruitment of cohort 2

Ernestina Djarnie-Sunu

Ernestina Djarnie-Sunu has a Diploma in Website Development from National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) - Ghana and a Certificate in Graphic Design from IPMC IT Training Center.

Ernestina is working on the project “Knowing Colors”. - An art project that seeks to enhance the aesthetic perspective of students at the basic level and further enable them enrich their community and everyday lives with the application of colors.

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Esther Emmanuella Spio

Esther Emmanuella Spio completed her undergraduate studies in May 2018, at the University of Ghana, with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science. She had her National Service at the Ministry of Finance.

Currently, Esther is a GEIG fellow with a project titled "ACE-ING KIDz". With this project, she inspires the children in her community, and as well as the wards of squatters to take their education seriously.

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Isaac Delali

Isaac is a graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi. He possesses a Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A) in Culture and Tourism and an M.Phil. in Management and Organizational Development from the same institution.

His project with the NGO is training SHS and tertiary students in research, with primary focus on the SPSS software. He also doubles as an English tutor on the virtual classroom system run by GEIG.

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GEIG Volunteers

Olivia Codjoe

Olivia has 10 years experience in advertising and marketing communications. She's managed clients in the telecoms, banking, broadcasting and education industries where she provided strategic input, managed relationships and led the development and execution of several campaigns.

She holds degrees in Marketing and International Business and is a food lover who enjoys traveling, and sightseeing.

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Phyllis Squire

Phyllis is trained in Corporate Communications and has over the last decade strategically engaged public and private stakeholders in the oil and gas, FMCG, trading and investment space in Ghana and Nigeria.

She lives in Accra and enjoys traveling the world to experience different cultures.

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Huda Ibrahim

Huda is a young graduate who studied Environmental Engineering in school, with a strong interest in sustainability. A strong believer in the education of the girl child, She is really looking forward to using this avenue as a medium to impact.

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Amanda Wiafe-Akenteng

Amanda, has a degree in Geography and rural development , she currently works with MTN as a customer service representative. She believes that women have great potentials of becoming better leaders if empowered, hence the need to make the girl child education a priority.

She loves reading and fashion. She enjoys visiting nice places and interacting with people who inspire her.

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Emmanuel Ocansey

Emmanuel is a Geographer who works as Clients Support Officer and has over the years recruited for numerous multinational companies in Ghana.

He lives in Accra and delights in planting trees with organizations, singing, visiting people and playing rugby.

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Deborah Dzifa Agroh

Deborah Dzifa Agroh is a young educationist with 11 years work experience.From a classroom teacher to the Deputy Head of School, she's guided both children and adult learning. She provided guidance and counselling for students, teachers and parents.

Deborah is passionate about curriculum integration and holds a degree in Education as well as an MPhil in Educational Innovations and Leadership Science.She loves music, cooking and arts.

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