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Give back to the community, Build Connections and Grow.

We prepare our students for the global ecosystem. We ensure that through our programs, students participate in activities that engages them in giving thier time and energy to a community project or an organizations project. Through these activities students will network and share ideas on making lifes better towards growth in their personal, academic and career path.

GEIG Serves Experiences

Community Service

GEIG students engage in a community service where they spend time cleaning a community hospital or spend time at special-ed schools engaging in reading and playful activities with the students and many other more.

Mental Health Awareness

GEIG organizes and hosts mental health awareness programs via twitter chat and hold in person session to create awareness and deliberate on some solutions in collaboration with professionals.

Life Skills

GEIG through the Life Skills program tackle matters of personal development of our students towards a successful life. Including but not limited to: menstrual healthcare, beads making, presentation skills,etc

Internship Program

GEIG students are set for success. Hence, through partnership with some organizations, GEIG students are placed at various internship sites during the break to learn corporate skills and unviel the awesomeness in them. Students spend 300hours per year on internship.

GEIG Fellows

As a GEIG Fellow, you are able to implement a project that aligns with the mission and vision of GEIG yet your own. This gives you the opportunity to test out your idea with an audience whiles GEIG supports you with connecting with partner organizations, some funding support, and consultation. This is one year program with a possibility for an extension.

Featured GEIG Serves Case Study

GEIG Students Community Service at the Akaa Project.

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Other Things We Did