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Reinforce Learning and Instill Discipline

In order to ensure that our girls excel in the schools that they attend, where there are limited resources such as books, access to light for learning in the evening when they get home and motivation, we have programs that enage with them after school hours at a partner institution (thanks to: Lancaster University,Ghana and Benstel Preparatory) with all the facilities to give them the edge. We have seen great improvement from this, as the sessions give them one-on-one time with the tutors and make up for their diagnosed learning disabilities.

GEIG Leads Experiences

Women Who Inspire Us

Volunteer lead Saturday classes for students in all subjects at school in a partner institution. This allows students to ask questions they did not understand during the week in class and also learn a step ahead of their classes in school whiles cross-learning from each other.

Lady Achievers Club

Volunteer lead vacation classes in all subjects and extra-curricular activities including field trips in Ghana. Vacation classes is hosted in another region at a partner institution with accommodation and feeding included.

Mentorship Program

Notable skills training that we have engaged with our students are presentation skills, story writing, beads making, sewing african cloths, flip-flop arts and photography.

Connected Communities

Students engage in a peer-to-peer design thinking class on STEAM topics with students in the US. Students engage in cultural exchange and idea-sharing for the questions/challenges identified during the session.

GEIG Leads Impact

GEIG Faytex

Featured GEIG Leads Case Study

Menstrual Hygiene

Impact Through GEIG Leads Change to GEIG Leads Impact In 2017, the GEIG Lady Achievers club of Osei Kweretwei senior high school, OKESS partnered with Faytex International to host a workshop on menstrual health and hygiene. Faytex donated 500 packs of sanitary pads to students and the school through the club patrons.

This is how we did it
GEIG Disability Advocacy

Featured GEIG Leads Case Study

Women Who Inspire Us Session

GEIG advocates for inclusion in education and society at large. As such in 2016, the organization hosted a Women who Inspire Us session with guest speakers Elizabeth Patterson, GEIG founder, Farida Bedwei, Ghanaian software engineer, who developed cerebral palsy, Mary Amoah, autism advocate and educator, and Peace Hyde, media personality and dyslexic advocated for disability inclusion by sharing their individual journeys with an audience of students at the university of Ghana- Legon. This workshop was in partnership with the office of students with disabilities, university of Ghana- Legon and Aim Higher Africa

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