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GEIG has been transitioning our programs and activities to digital mediums.

We're happy to announce that beginning August 5 the Women who Inspire Us series goes digital on our instagram handle- @girlsedgh. The session features Ohenewaa Constance Ankoma. Ohenewaa Constance Ankoma is a professional teacher and founder of the Erudite Women's Empowerment Foundation(EWEF), a registered and an award-winning women-led nonprofit organization in Ghana that seeks to address gender inequalities in these areas; menstrual health, leadership/mentorship, and economic security for young women through education and training.

Ohenewaa is a leadership enthusiast who wants to be remembered as an amazing contributor to women's development; the one that helped women and girls decipher their dreams, and actually achieved them.

Follow our series on instagram and stay tuned for more sessions.

To become a speaker for a Women who Inspire Us session email

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