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2021 Annual Report

Rabiatu is the first born of seven. She received an offer from African Leadership University to further her studies through us. Rabiatu was a CAMFED student in SHS after which she became a GEIG beneficiary.

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2020 Annual Report

Margaret just gained admission to study at Wesley Girls Senior High School. Her father passed two years after she was born. And she's being cared for by a single mother who is a petty trader. Margaret was among the top 2 percent of performers in her junior high school. Margaret has made herself, GEIG and family proud.

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2019 Annual Report

Hamdalla gained admission to the Webster University- Ghana Campus and the University of Ghana. She enrolled in the university of Ghana as an Economics major. Barbara entered her second year at the university of Ghana- Legon as a psychology student. She has obtained an apprenticeship studying fashion design and business with Adjoa Yeboah Clothing

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2018 Annual Report

Our Women who Inspire Us series reached an average of 3000 people in the community. Ten girls enrolled in senior high school. During their August break they interned at our partner agencies: Benstel School System, Beautiful Beginnings International School, and GDS Architectural Consults. Three young women entered their second year of studies at the Palm Institute.

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2017 Annual Report

The seven girls earned 510 hours of service learning experience. We are grateful to the following companies for the hosting them: Lizgat Company Ltd., Beautiful Beginnings International School, GDS Consults, Holy Heart Foundation, and Accents and Arts.

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2016 Annual Report

After a week of guidance and coaching the 20 students who participated in the session authored a compilation of student authored short stories. The “Creative Obaabas” emerged as the winners with “The Golden Rule”. The student authors were awarded financial scholarships of $100 each to subsidize their needs for the 2016-2017 school year.

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2014-2015 Annual Report

Since starting the program, our girls have seen a 66% improvement in Math, 58% improvement in Social Studies, and 58% improvement in English. Our provision of financial support has improved attendance rates by 90%.

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